Drew Teller

Nov 28, 2020

Photo by Ray S on Unsplash

I have to let you go,
But it is not forever

I dream about being in your dreams,
As my thoughtfulness thinks more than it seems

You are a little bit further than far away, but
I’m not scared because my heart has you closely close

I have to close my eyes now,
But it is not forever

When they open heavy and blurry,
Your face will be there for lightness and clarity

I wonder about forever,
A word that is never changes, yet forever changes

The change I wish to see is on that is old and average,
Yet spontaneous and joyful

It is a forever life-changing love that grows never apart,
Yet always together

I have to let you go now,
But it is not forever

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Drew Teller

Drew Teller

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