How I Met Kygo — Making The Impossible Possible

“Wow! I appreciate that so much. That is very motivating to hear. I didn’t always know my music made people feel that way!” — Kygo

In 24 hours, my dream came true.

My intention is to describe my journey and feelings in this 24 hours. My hope is to leave you with the same motivation, gratitude, and inspiration Kygo left me after our conversation.

Waking up alone

My 5:30 am alarm goes off. Even though I move slow, I am excited this day is finally here. “I am alone today” is the first thought that comes to my mind.

Delay Drew’s Departure

The train is 15 minutes delayed. My nerves and anxiety increase ever so slightly. People are turning their heads left and right, all of us coming to a silent consensus. The train arrives but halfway to the airport, the train operator says this train cannot go to the airport. Great. I’m glad I took the earlier of the two trains to the airport, just in case something like this happens.

Fuel The Decision Making Process

While I’m on the airplane, I listen to a TED Radio Hour podcast about the importance of inquiring information. From the podcast, I hear something that fuels my excitement: knowledge anchors you in the past as imagination and curiosity keeps you looking into the future.

Random Action or Created Opportunity?

I leave my hostel at 5:45 to arrive exactly at 6 pm.

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Myles Shear (IG: ManagerMyles)
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Kygo Pre-Show Inteview

The Main Event

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Bonnie Mckee

The After Party

As we arrive at Rick’s, there is a line out the door and around the street. The wait time looks over 2 hours. However, Sunni had a friend mention that if you have a Norwegian student ID, you can go in the VIP line. As Sunni shows the guard her ID, all I’m thinking is that “Wait, I don’t have this ID. Are they just going to leave me in line? Is my night ending right here?” I show the guard my California driver’s license and say that I’m with them. He takes a look at my birthday and lets me in! I walk into the club, and I’m on cloud nine that I’ve just made another “meant to be” decision. I feel lucky to be where I am but honestly, it’s not luck, it’s persistence.

Meeting Kygo

Instead of speaking directly with Kygo, I notice Parson James. Now, if you don’t know, “Stole the Show” is one of my favorite songs and is the initial song that catalyzed my love for Kygo’s music. I introduce myself to Parson James. I let him know my story and where I come from. He is also living in LA. I tell him how much I appreciate his creativity and writing “Stole the Show.”

“Kygo, my name is Drew. I’ve seen you perform 5 times, and I’ve come from LA to see you. I just want to say: Thank you” — Drew

In these moments, I think of one thing: gratitude. Kygo and I speak for about 10 minutes. Not only do we share a few smiles, but I start to understand what inspires Kygo. He starts to reciprocate the gratitude I show him by mentioning that he loves hearing how people are affected by his music.

“I want you to know there are so several people I personally know like me out there who couldn’t be here today. I want to say thank you on their behalf too. You have positively changed so many more lives than just mine” — Drew

He responds with comfort and humility. I feel a sense of mutual respect. Kygo creates an environment where I feel equal to him.

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Wait, There’s More!

Eventually, Sunni and I walk with Parson James and Kygo’s older brother, Mads, back to Parson’s hotel.

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Julia Michaels

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